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At JP NetQuest we specialize in the following services:

Web Development & Web Design
Whether it's a brand new web site built from scratch or a simple update of an existing site we are always up for the challenge. Our portfolio includes professional web sites for businesses, non-profit organizations as well as educational institutions. We beat the competition not only with prices but first and foremost with 100% customer satisfaction.
web 2.0 • database integration • content management system • modern look
Email Marketing (HTML emails)
Email marketing is one of the hottest marketing techniques out there lately. Whether you want to announce a promotion, send a monthly newsletter of reach your clients with an important message, this is the best and most cost effective way to do it. Take your communication to the next level!
JP NetQuest is a big supporter of permission based email marketing. That's why we only work with reputable companies providing platforms for sending out mass email campaigns. We are a registered business partner of Constant Contact.
HTML email design • spam check • high open rate • tracking • mailing lists
Social Media for Business
Social media is a phenomenon of the last decade or so. Everyone heard the name Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube. What many people and businesses are struggling with is how to tap into that rapidly evolving market from a business perspective. How to make money off of social networking? How to promote your business there? At JP NetQuest we give you all the answers and guide you through the process of setting everything up. Be sure to check out our popular workshops that teach business owners and professionals all the skills necessary to succeed.
monetizing social media • profile optimization • success stories • best practices
Online Advertising (PPC)
Google undoubtedly dominates the search engine market. Google AdWords is the name of the program that allows businesses and organizations to setup and manage their own pay-per-click advertising accounts. The flexibility and potential of this solution is enormous. Thus it is very easy to get lost in this system, spend money where it shouldn't be spent and waste a lot of time trying to learn it all. Why struggle? JP NetQuest now offers professional assistance for those who want to have their AdWords accounts setup and/or optimized. We also work with Yahoo Marketing Solutions which has a very similar program, as well as with Craigslist, which is free and allows for HTML type of advertising.
keyword research • account setup • landing pages • tracking • conversion
Search Engine Optimization
By definition, Search Engine Optimization is a process of improving the number and quality of visitors to your web site from search engines. This is achieved through organic (natural) results, not to be confused with paid traffic (PPC) that is also included in our range of services. Search Engine Optimization, although definitely a key element, is only one of the components of what should be your internet marketing plan.
link building • meta info • keyword selection • image & link optimization
Consulting & Other Services
Last but not least, our web and marketing services wouldn't be complete without domain registration and web hosting plans. We work only with the most reputable and reliable leaders in the industry. Thus you can rest assured that you web site will always be working for you and not the other way around.
General IT consulting and support services are also available.
domain registration • web hosting • IT support • consulting

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